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Israel Loves Back - Who Are We?

Israel Loves Back Is a public outreach project, aimed at mapping out celebrities and influencers who have expressed support for Israel after the massacre committed by Hamas on Oct. 7, 2023. Our goal is to make it easier for Instagram users to notice and follow those who spoke up, thus increasing their online positive engagement.

The website is run by Hadas Bashan, an Israeli journalist & Social Media expert, with the help of volunteers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does engaging with these celebrities help Israel?


Each of the stars and celebrities on our list has a massive number of Instagram followers. Any form of empathy and identification with Israel might reduce their numbers and overall traffic, due to Hamas online actions and many bots.

Our commitment is to get the influencer's numbers back up again, thus encouraging them to continue publicly support Israel.


What shall I write when I comment to a celebrity's Instagram post?

Anything and everything you feel will make a difference and have a positive impact.

Here are several suggestions:


> Keep supporting Israel. Don’t listen to fake news
> Free Palestine from Hamas
> Free the Israeli hostages from Gaza! 240 hostages, including 40 children and babies! 

If I don't see Pro-Israeli posts on a celebrity's Instagram page you've linked me to, does that mean you've made a mistake?

Not necessarily. It could mean that this particular celebrity has posted stories, but not plain posts. Or maybe this celebrity was part of an off-line initiative such as signing a Pro-Israeli petition. We reassure you, our list is reliable.

Nevertheless, you are welcome to comment and make suggestions via DM on our Instagram page

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